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Marlo L. Filkins (POKER_CHIP)
Marlo L. Filkins (POKER_CHIP)
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Jerry (Polish) Wolski

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AHL Num   Name   Handle   Location
00003625   Bryan Polozola On the warpath   dallas, TX
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Results by Date Venue Place Points Ent.
Nov 18, 14 [10pm] GO 4 IT Sports 16th 39.90 33
Quick Stats
Total Points: 73,745.00
Overall Rank: #164
Year 2014: 73,745.00 pts.
Rank: #164
This Month: 39.90 pts.
Rank: #1139
Overall Placement
1st: 35 times 9th: 20 times
2nd: 28 times 10th: 15 times
3rd: 29 times 11th: 19 times
4th: 30 times 12th: 33 times
5th: 34 times 13th: 22 times
6th: 21 times 14th: 25 times
7th: 21 times 15th: 24 times
8th: 31 times 16th: 21 times
Venue Stats
Richardson Bar
Placed: 41 times (85%)
Shuck N Jive
Placed: 3 times (6%)
Plano Super Bowl
Placed: 2 times (4%)
GO 4 IT Sports
Placed: 1 time (2%)
Buffalo Joe's
Placed: 1 time (2%)

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