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How Does it Work?
Official AHL Poker No Limit Texas Hold'em Tournaments are a form of entertainment designed to fill your establishment with customers that will enjoy your products and services. We license to participating restaurants, bars, and any place where food and beverages are sold.

Founded in Dallas, Texas in 2006, AHL Poker set out to create a new era for amateur hold’em players and help participating establishments put an end to their slow nights. Player participation range from 30 to 500 players in a single tournament session. Thousands of new members sign up weekly.

AHL Poker can provide venues with training, poker table tops, playing cards, chips, tournament rules and everything needed to run even the biggest of poker tournaments. The top 16 players at each session earn Official AHL Poker Player/Ranking Points.

Is my place a good fit?
Your place is a good fit if you have: Physical space for 5 to 16 tables that can seat 8 players each. Booths are not ideal for tournament play and should not be considered available space. A slow day or evening is where you will see the greatest impact.

How does this help Customers?
Players can play for free and have fun while testing their poker skills in a live tournament, all in the comfort of their favorite neighborhood bars and restaurants. AHL will also be bringing an established member base to your establishment on a nightly basis. Make sure you have a wait staff that is up to the challenge to take all those drink and food orders prior to and during tournament play. Your slow night may be become your busy night sooner than you think!
    What's In It for My Business?
Increased sales on tournament nights! Players will spend 2 to 7 hours in your establishment. We ask all our players to support all of our Official AHL Poker Event Locations! We could not do this without you! Most venue owners report significant increases in food and beverage sales on tournament nights within the first two weeks and your likely to see some increase on your first night!

A night of fun for you and your customers and guaranteed repeat business!

The benefit of free web advertising to bring in more customers! Our highly-exposed Web site lists tournament venues and session schedules and all participating bars and restaurants receive an internal web page within AHL Click the link below for an example,

How much does it cost?
By offering Full Service, AHL Team Events, and sliding scales it is possible to host AHL events on any budget! Full Service Hosting is as low as $150 nightly, and AHL Team Events are as low as $50.00.

Is it Legal?
Our players NEVER pay anything to play! No member fees, no cover charges, and no “buy-ins” ever! We conduct legal research on a regular basis and believe that these activities fall within the boundaries of state laws.

Contact The offices of AHL Poker at or call an AHL representative today and someone will be happy to help you schedule a meeting and end your slow nights for good!
Full Service
Do you own or manage a bar or restaurant?

Turn your slow nights around once and for all?

AHL Poker is just what you are looking for. The worldwide poker craze is big business and it.s only getting bigger.

AHL Poker gives you the ability to host live, free tournaments at your place of business any night of the week.

The AHL provides:
  • Poker tabletops that will set atop your existing tables.
  • All cards and chips (all cards and chips are the highest quality on the market)
  • A professional/experienced Tournament director to host your tournaments.
  • Posters/Banners for your establishment to help promote your events
  • An internal webpage for your bar/restaurant on our website for you to advertise your establishment. AHL will maintain this page for you and keep your specials current.
  • Tournament reports giving you details on turnout numbers

Our members play for points and of course nightly AHL Free Rolls.

Members keep track of their points on our online system, qualifying them for monthly tournaments and special events that can be hosted at your establishment. Our tournaments range between 40 and 100+ players per night. We provide two sessions a night lasting approximately 7 hours.

Players also receive bonus chips for purchasing drinks and additional chips for purchasing food from your establishment. These add-ons give player incentive to purchase food and drink therefore increasing your sales.

*Note* Some states prohibit food and drink chips by state law.

If you would like more information about the AHL or you would like to set up a time for one of our representatives to visit you, please contact:

Adam Thompson

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